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>> jon: to discuss issues they think about? but not that it mattered anyway because apparently during the debate the ladies had already left the building. >> it was just too much to talk like two roosters going at each other. it can turn off women. >> one thing women voters don't like is an a bully. >> a turn-off for women. >> i'm not sure they'll be turned on by this debate. >> lots of women turn off. >> i'm wondering if suburban women were turned off. [laughter] >> jon: not that that's a bad thing because as far as i can tell they've been a little hopped up on this thing. [laughter] way too long. for on women's reaction i'm joined by senior debate analyst, samantha bee. you saw it and watched tuesday night. what did you think of the debate? >> well the media nailed it jon. told turnoff. on tuesday night i personally didn't take in any of the policy specifics because as a woman i was too appalled at how rude and belligerent they were to each other and the nice waitress tries to calm them down. [laughter] >> nuh-uh. >> you mean the debate moderator, candy crowley. >> yeah, right, a la
richard grennel. jim pinkerton and ellen ratner. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. >>> governor romney doesn't have a five-point plan, he has one point plan. that plan to to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules. >> we have a president talking about someone's plan in a way that completely foreign to what my real plan is. then we have his own record. we have four consecutive years where he said when he was running for office. he would cut the deficit in half. instead he has doubled it. >> jon: three weeks left. the two candidates faced off for a second time taking questions from supposedly undecided voters and taking a lot of shots at each other. one of big issues in this debate was the role of the moderator. what about the debate itself? tell us how the media handled the debate? >> i think the media were happy to see president obama woke up by his own admission and we're happy to say he won for the most part. however, as i wrote for a conservative magazine and somebody went through the 1980 reagan campaign. the fact that president reagan
>> jon: that the guy they call the boss, bruce springsteen. they are backing president obama. the question we're asking, do both sides get equal treatment in the media. bruce springsteen got all kinds of favorable press. gene simmons was with kiss. he said this week i will tell you that romney is much more qualified. he is a businessman, he ran the olympics, he knows how to create jobs. president obama is a wonderful family man. that is where the resume stops. does gene simmons get the same. >> he has reality tv and he didn't get any attention at all. best thing is respond with humor. joe caspar says played albums like wrecking ball shouldn't be doing it in the first place. >> why do liberals love it when celebrities speak out on their candidates but other way doesn't get equal time. >> if you did it just according to the number of people who support you, number of celebrities who support you, governor romney would get less air time than president obama. come on. this is hollywood. do we really turn to hollywood for wisdom about politics? >> a lot of people do. >> i remember
to be done >> jon: she was taking responsibility for any security failures leading up tot attack in benghazi that killed four americans. rick, you worked for the state department. what about the timing of all this as it did right before the second debate. >> here we had breaking news, secretary of state hillary clinton admits she is the secretary of state. i thought it was so overblown. she in no way i'm taking full responsibility, but there was an incredible push from the state department, reporters and others trying to say she taking the blame for this. i didn't see this that. she is the secretary of state. >> what was interesting that makes her responsible for the security at the first facility the consulate. she was not in charge of the security around the second facility the annex which is c.i.a. is facility. it's interesting someone stepped up to the plate and took responsibility. i was surprised that the first person to do it was hillary clinton and not president. >> much the press said she was taking the fall for the president he could look good. i think she took the fall and a littl
conference to explain what happened in libya, but he did find time to sit down with jon stewart to talk about the attack. >> i would say even you would admit it was not the optimal response to the american people as far as us being on the same page. >> here is what i'll say. >> if four americans get killed it's not optimal. we will fix it. >> kimberly: does it make you fall out of your chair? "not optimal"? the mother of sean smith killed in libya said, "it's insensitive to say my son is not optimal. he is very dead. i have not been optimal since he died and the past few weeks have been pure hell. it's disrespectable and it's not right. how can you say somebody being killed not very optimal. a lot of stupid things were said about my son and what happened. this is another one of them. to say this is an unfortunate statement is understatement of epic proportion. this is something, you don't say that. i don't care that jon stewart said it before. >> why did he repeat it back? >> this is when you do media training for someone and you go in interview, don't repeat the negative. don't let them put
, you don't say that. i don't care that jon stewart said it before. >> why did he repeat it back? >> this is when you do media training for someone and you go in interview, don't repeat the negative. don't let them put words in your mouth. it can happen. it should not happen to someone on the national stage this long. to make sure it didn't happen. and someone who said they look full responsibility. the whole situation is bad. i think they should not have announced so early in the week that president obama was going to be on the daily show. i love the daily show. i would recommend it to anybody. it's great. in this time, right before the election and in the middle of a situation where all of a sudden, everybody at the white house and the campaign is shutting down and trying to starve this story of oxygen. he basically fueled the flames of it. >> kimberly: there has been a response about this. >> here is what happens. when president obama is not reading a speech from teleprompter he says the private sector is doing fine. you didn't build that. now not optimal. dana pointed somethi
about who was to blame for the attack on the jon stewart on "the daily show" with jon stewart. >> obama: every piece of information that we get as we got it we laid it out for the american people. >> i would say even you would say it was not the optimal response at least to the american people as far as us all of us being on the same page. >> obama: here's what i'm going to say as far as four americans getting killed, it's not optimal, and we'll fix it. >> all of it. >> obama: all of it. >> eliot: john mccain is it not like either response on the fox news this morning. >> the optimal line was regrettable and makes me feel sad. for him to say that every piece of information they got they laid out to the american people was one of the most disengenius statements i her heard. >> eliot: reporting within 24 hours of the attack that there was evidence it was carried out by militants and not an mob-angered anti-muslim video. it's unclear who had access to that information in the days that followed when the obama administration was claiming publicly that the video had triggered the attack. i'm
interview with jon stewart without screwing it up. i mean, this thing is taking on a bidennesque or, if you will, rath, an obama aur >> well, this is why you're not going to see barack oba over the weekend. both candidates are off the trail, they're sequester to do debate prep,ut i think it's also to keephem fro making some glaring error tat they would have to go in and answer for manyn tat debate. the debate this year have become more important than i've ever remembered them being in moving the voters one way or the other. both candidates go in with a lot on theine, but i think more is on the line for barack obama in this foreign policy debate because, lou, i'd hate to have to walin there and dend benghazi, defind why he has -- defend why he has never answered for fort hood and little rock as a terror act. andn little rock simply a random sta crime. nonsense. thiss a pattern. lou: the process of you canall it stonewalling, of fuse case -- >> it's lying, let's be honest, it's lying. lou: well, cerinly tuesd night before the amican people the president lied straightforwardly. but the facts
is elected will be totally responsible for that. he went on "the daily though." this is what he said with jon stewart. >> obama: the stakes could not be bigger, war peace, supreme court, women's right to choose, whether we're creating jobs in this country or whether they're getting shipped overseas, whether our kids are getting the best education they can. all of that stuff is at stake. there is no excuse not to vote. >> of course there is no excuse not to vote. but you see the president being serious, presidential, and then stewart turns the conversation to libya and here is president obama with jon stewart. >> obama: here's what i have to say, before americans gets killed, it's not optimal. we're going to fix it. >> all of it. >> all of it. what happens during the course of the presidency, the government is a big operation at any given time something screws up and you make sure you find out what is broken and you fix it. >> you hear president obama say it's not optimal that's not a very sensitive word for him to use. it's not down playing something. all the president has done is talked abou
curveball stays inside to fool schumaker. >> joe: it brings in jon jay, who is 0 for 3 tonight. hitting .200 in this nlcs. he waits. he takes the strike. jay has flied to left, grounded out twice. 0-2. the last time the cardinals were shout out in a postseason game, game four of last year's world series in arlington, texas, the game started by derek holland, who last the 8 1/3. upstairs, the count 1-2. it evened that world series at two games a piece. here's the 1-2 pitch. just outside. 2-2. >> tim: close. >> joe: the next from zito. chopped foul right at the plate. the cardinals started this night trying to wrap up their 19th national league pennant. the giants are looking for therapy 19th and if they do it they will become the third team in nlcs to come back from three games to one. that's a fair ball. he looks back at the umpire as jay is on with one out here in the eighth. >> tim: it may have landed foul, but it went over the bag fair. all it has to do, of course, is go over the bag. good call by first base umpire jerry layne. >> joe: you see belt look back at jerry layne. it's a one-out
markets a for now? we have moody's chief economist. jon, it was the number one percentage loss ever in our history. what did you make of the drop? >> i was working at moody's %-sitting in front of of my screen. as the dow jones industrial average and the s&p 500 kept sinking and sinking. then there was quite a crowd of people around me staring at the same chine that was the blue-green screen and we could not get over what happened. we thought the bottom had fallen out. people immediately after said returned to the 1930's was inevitable. gerri: i was working my first business reporting job in virginia. the trader was talking to on the phone wasrying because he was scared. crying. 500 8.does not sound like a lot today but we have drops althe time. much ado to technical glitch. could we lose 23% in one day ? >> never sayever. remember the crash of october 87 was part of a byproduct of electronic type of trading. program trading you had sell, orders automatic the kickinand. to protect investors. gerri:ome of that goes on today with high frequency trading. people are afraid we have seen big sel
said. coupled with what the president said tonight on jon stewart, i'll play it for you. the question will be did they lie to the american people? watch what he said last night. >> every piece of information that we get, as we got it, we laid it out for the american people. >> congressman did the vice president and the president of the united states lie? >> i come to that conclusion, sean. >> look it what the president said and secretary clinton said and they have not been hon west the american people. intelligence community foreshadowed for months terrorism was abound, terrorism was happening. al-qaeda was flying flags. they come out after the attack and say we think it was a video? this is all classified intelligence. >> all right, now, senator graham. there are videos of all of this. that prove from day one, the intelligence knew it was not spontaneous. intelligence knew it was not related to this video. will -- did they lie in your opinion and should those tapes be released? >> the tapes should be released. they're either incredibly incompetent. they're stone walling us all. thank
for tv comics. this week the president appeared on "the daily show" with jon stewart. the episode which is the latest in a week of comedy straight from the campaign trail. >> i'm sorry, martha, but with all due respect this is a bunch of malarkey. all right? >> a bunch of malarkey? >> yeah. >> what does that mean? >> it's irish. >> no, no, no. irish is i come over there and smack that dumb look off your face. >> follow your instincts on this one. >> my instincts say that paul ryan's getting his ass kicked in the debate. >> oh, yeah. what's that like? >> how many times a week does biden show up in a wet bathing suit to a meeting? just ball park figure? >> i had to put out a presidential directive on that. we had to stop that. >> you got to put towels down? >> i got to say, though, he looks pretty good. >> lindsay lohan has at long last revealed which presidential candidate she backs. >> as of now i'm thinking mitt romney. as of now. >> as of now. as of now. she hits a car with an obama bumper sticker that could change. but as of now, she's endorsing mitt romney. >> one of president obama
was the administration's response so confusing? last night, comedian jon stewart took his turn. >> i would say even you would admit, it was not the optimal response, at least to the american people, as far as all of us being on the same page. >> well, here's what i'll say. >> yeah. >> if four americans get killed, it's not optimal. >> right. >> and we're going to fix it. and -- >> all of it. >> all of it. >> reporter: that remains a work in progress. the president has vowed to bring those responsible to justice, but although government officials suggest that members of the extremist group ansar al sharia were involved in the attack, a "new york times" reporter spent two hours on the patio of a crowded luxury hotel last night with a leader of that group, as he sipped a strawberry frappe. this afternoon, republicans in congress released new images from the compound where ambassador chris stevens and three had americans died, including earlier photos from previous attacks in benghazi, highlighting how precarious the security situation had been. they also released this chilling june cable from ambassador s
. earlier this week i showed you part of my encounter with bill o'reilly for jon stewart's autism benefit "night of too many stars." a there was a lot where that came from. o'reilly and i had strict guidelines to stick to in our debate. take a look. >> you know the rules of the debate. neither participant shall be permitted to speak without first filling their lungs with helium. the participants may continue to speak only if the helium has kept up the pitch of their voice. >> we have to start now. why don't you ask a question. >> you inhale, they decide. >> that means like it or lump it. >> our annual deficits are now above -- you might want a little more -- $1 trillion a year. the president says it's time to raise taxes on the rich. governor romney says that would inhibit job creation. >> well, i don't agree with that. >> i say we have to go back to the clinton tax rates and get the hell out of afghanistan. >> you can catch the full production if you want to this sunday on comedy central at 8:00 p.m. eastern. that's "hardball" for now. coming up next, "your business" with j.j. ramberg. a
time to sit down with jon stewart to talk about the attack. >> i would say even you would admit it was not the optimal response to the american people as far as us being on the same page. >> here is what i'l
to reality. before he went to the al smith dinner the president taped the jon stewart show. >> i would say even you would admit it was not the optimal response, at least to the american people as far as us all being on the same page. >> well, here is what i will say. >> yeah. >> if four americans get killed, it's not optimal. >> right. >> and we're going to fix it. >> all of it. >> all of it. >> bill: by using the word optimal mr. obama upset some people who don't like him. they ever say be his optimal description shows is he incentive to the four murders in america. i disagree. i think mr. obama was playing off mr. stewart's description and the remark was in context. however, there is a strange detachment in play here. from the very beginning, president obama was not fully engaged. after he he learned of the assassinations, he went to vegas to campaign. we now know the cia told the obama administration early on what happened in benghazi was an organized terror attack. yet the president would not hold a press conference and say that. instead, as u.n. ambassador and his press spokesperson o
's broken up. moore sun able to hang on. jason verrett knocked it loose. >> kelly: jon koontz, number 97, the defensive end, actually dropped back into coverage in kind of a zone blitz and created more traffic inside for that crossing route. >> dave: will it come down to the foot of ryan bustin? 8 out of 11 in field goal attempts this year. moore. he is a physical receiver. his hands seem like they are always on the defender, makes that catch inside the ten to the eight. >> kelly: and the back shoulder said that is so difficult to defend. jason verrett number 2 has great man-to-man coverage all the way outside and throw behind on that back number and moore is a physical guy that can just basically box out and get the football. >> dave: got three cracks to win the game before you drive a field goal. two cracks to win the game before you try a field goal. >> kelly: remember, doege is only 6'1". at least it says in the program. >> dave: wink, wink, wink. >> kelly: and i think if you can't -- if you're too tired to get pressure on this quarterback here, push and hold your hands up and form a
on the jon stewart show. it doesn't seem -- well, that's dangerous. [laughter] no if, i mean, it's -- the thing to explain to you is that the real danger to not just my life, but to all those who remembered the fatwa also named anybody who was involved in the book at all, so it included publishers, translators, booksellers, etc. the real danger was never from, like, random, violent individuals. the danger was always state-sponsored terrorism. it was the paid professional assassins of the iranian state and can its proxies. that was what the danger was. and that was -- >> and there were some attacks. >> and there were, you know, there were a number of attacks, yes. there were attacks on bookstores, there was bookstores in america like cody's bookstore in berkeley, california, was fire bombed, there was a bookstore in london that was fire boxed twice. there were bookstores all over the world that were attacked. and not just burned, but people going into stores and threatening people who worked there and in publishing companies and then -- well, the great tragedy was that the book's
i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. keep it right here on fox news channel. we'll see you next weekend with another edition of fox news watch. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert. new information on the deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. eyewitnesses telling fox news that an angry mob marched up to the compound prior to the attack giving at least some credence to the idea there was a protest before the organized terror assault. welcome to america's election headquarters, i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. changing narrative once again making for clear-cut answers harder to find. this is brand-new state department documents revealed that ambassador stevens was deeply worried about security threats in the weeks and days before americans were killed. here is more on breaking details >> ambassador stevens and three other americans are dead. there are a lot of questions to be answered. we saw a good deal of activity in the compound. its burned out shell. you can still smell smoke. a blood -- hand prints on the wall. place ransacked. as for th
gone into detail about exactly what that screwup was. i think jon stewart is asking him, him, was it a script of the intelligence community was not -- the white house did not have clear-cut indication that the intelligence community during or after the attack, or was it a screwup here late that security was not adequate enough to protect the life of the american ambassador. >> secretary clinton was traveling there and you had this story from the heat oppressed. secretary clinton said i'm responsible for complex security. talk us through the command. >> the secretary was absolutely correct to take responsibility. the secretary is the president said during the debate, so we're going to have a buck stops here moment. that moment will be with the president. there's a lot of talk about how clinton was falling on her sword, trying to make herself look more presidential by doing this. frankly when you're the secretary of state in him and asks you about a failure, obviously a failure to protect american diplomats abroad. you have to take responsibility. what else can you say? no, it
to drag it out of them. >> the president said on that hard hitting interview with jon stewart as the information becomes available we share it with the american people. then, mr. president, show us that video. >> nothing like that is going to happen this weekend right now because both can tarkts president obama now at camp date hunkered down for this next and final debate down there in boca rotan florida. governor romney also practice iting for this debate. >> that may be where we get answers. it is about foreign policy. libya will come up. you remember what it flap it caused when it came up in the last debate when the president tried tried to say he first called it a terror attack. >> somethin' tells me romney's message will be much more honed and he will probably get much more precise instead of botching it. >> probably won't be about the rose garden either. the first two topics in the debate are revolving around the middle east. there is no way this isn't the central subject. also good miss for the romney campaign ahead of this final debate. the polls have certainly shifted
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)

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